Ubisoft Talks About Their Worldwide Collaboration

Ubisoft is one of the biggest and probably smartest developers as they utilize their worldwide studios incredibly well. If you’ve ever watched the credits to any recent Ubisoft title, you’ll notice that it will usually go on for more than twenty minutes, and this is because hundreds of people across the globe have worked on it. From Shanghai to Montreal, Ubisoft has an incredible number of studios under their belt, and while many work on their own projects, most collaborate on the bigger games.

This includes Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Similar to past Assassin’s Creeds, while the key design team is located in Montreal (or is at least credited as), many aspects of the game have been pushed to other locations. This doesn’t mean it loses any love, though, as Ubisoft explains that everyone is incredibly passionate about the project, especially Black Flag, and are all in constant contact with one another. It’s actually amazing how far we’ve come that we can coordinate projects across multiple branches worldwide and still be on time for its scheduled release.