Indie Royale Hammerhead Bundle Released

The newest Indie Royale bundle is upon us, and for about $5 right now, you can get Primordia, Pressure, Forge, Richard & Alice, and Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage. Spending more than $8 gets you the “It’s Not Great” Album by MY OK BBS.  This bundle features a fairly diverse range of games, with puzzle/adventure gamers having Primordia to look forward to, while those seeking racing action will probably enjoy Pressure and Gas Guzzlers. Forge is an excellent-looking 3D action/strategy game, while Richard & Alice is a dark, but humorous point and click adventure game. Every game in the bundle but R&A and Gas Guzzlers can be redeemed on Steam, and if those games reach the service via Greenlight, you’ll get a code for them too. As it stands, you’ll get a Desura code, which every game but Forge has.