Top-Down Shooter Mamorukun Curse! Coming to PSN July 16

UFO Interactive has announced today that vertical scrolling shooter Mamorukun Curse! will be coming to PS3 via PSN on July 16 in North America. Developed by G.rev Ltd (Under Defeat HD, Senko no Ronde) and Gulti (0 Day Attack on Earth), the cutesy shooter involves several playable Chosen Souls who are transported from the realm of the living to the Neverworld and ordered by Ms Fululu to restore balance to their world and defeat the World of Darkness.

Each of the seven Chosen Souls has different gameplay mechanics and bullet-based attack patterns. Mamorukun Curse! boasts 3 game modes (Neverworld Action, Arcade and Story), Online Leaderboards and all previously-released DLC from the Japanese version, including 2 Extra Neverworld Adventure Courses, 2 additional playable characters and alternate costumes. Rounding out the package are 66 PS3 trophies.

Set for release on July 16, Mamorukun Curse! will retail for $19.99. Check out the announcement trailer and new screenshots below.