Steam Weekly Sale Begins

Steam’s weekly sale has begun, and drops the price of six games fairly significantly. The horror adventure Anna goes from $10 down to $3.39. On a completely different end of the gaming spectrum, the physics-puzzler Chains drops from $5 down to a mere $1.24 – that’s about hte cost of a bag of candy, folks! Shoot-em-up fans may want to investigate the uber-colorful Retro/Grade, which combines the joy of a lot of things going on at once in bullet hell with a rhythm game. It goes from $10 down to $3.40. The excellent side-scrolling platformer Sugar Cube, which was a fairly recent bundle inclusion, goes from $7 to $2.37, and is a recommended pickup for those craving a new platformer. The final game on sale is The Journey Down: Chapter One, a stunning-looking adventure game with a mix of realistic-looking environments and cartoonish characters. It’s a mere $2.80, down from $7.