Until June 8, Get $50 Gift Card For Vita Purchase At Amazon and Best Buy

Best Buy‘s ad this week has a fairly intriguing deal in it — you can get a Vita for $250 and also get a $50 gift card. This either makes the system $200, or more realistically, lets you get a 16 GB memory card along with it for the cost of the system itself. Amazon has copied this deal, which makes it a slightly better value since the hardware is a shade under $250, while the memory card is also $45 instead of $60.

Despite a severe drought in games that does not bode well for the system’s future, the Vita is still an excellent piece of tech with some remarkable games on it. Those who missed out on the PSP can enjoy many (but sadly not all) of its best games via the PSN store, while they tend to control better than ever thanks to the left stick being worlds better than the nub, and the right stick occasionally being able to function well for cameras depending on the game.