Fable Anniversary Coming Later This Year

While the first Fable game was over-hyped by famed game developer Peter Molyneux, and didn’t feature everything that was promised, it still was a fantastic experience that defined the first Xbox system. While many claim the second installment is still the best in the series, fans across the globe have been pleading for a remake of the first game. Well it looks like Xbox 360 owners will be able to own the entire franchise on a single console as Lionhead Studios has officially announced that they’re working on an HD version of Fable.

The game will be running on Epic Games’ Unreal 3 engine and will implement improved facial animation technology, redone cinematics and even a new lighting system. The visuals aren’t the only thing that will be reworked as the control scheme has apparently been modified to be up to recent Fable game standards. Fable Anniversary will be available later this year and should be a good send off for the Xbox 360. For more on the announcement, head over to Major Nelson’s short interview with Game Designer Ted Timmins.