Next-Gen Facial Animation in Second Son

Sucker Punch Productions, creators of the first three Sly Cooper games, has been hard at work creating a sequel to their open world franchise. Titled inFAMOUS: Second Son, this will be the third game in the series, following a new protagonist under the name Delsin Rowe. This cocky new hero, voiced and performed by Troy Baker, finds he has the ability to absorb other conduit’s powers, giving him an edge over most.

Moving onto a significantly more powerful platform gives developers a wider range of possibilities to work with, and for Sucker Punch, one of the most important aspects is properly portraying emotion through motion capture. The Bellevue based studio has released a behind-the-scenes video today, showing off how far we’ve come in facial animation. There are so many points of motions that have a ripple effect across the face, and they’re looking to capture all of it. With the Playstation 4 not even out yet, this is only a glimpse at what to expect as developers continuously experiment with the system’s capabilities.