Sonic CD, 4 Eps 1+2 Coming to OUYA in June

Sega announced today that three Sonic games are coming to the OUYA on June 27. In about three weeks, and two days after its official launch, the OUYA will get Sonic CD, and both episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog 4.  Since the OUYA mandates a free-to-play option to some degree, the first level of CD and Episode 1 will be playable, while II gets two freebie levels. Each game will cost about $7 for the full version, which makes them more expensive than buying them on a phone, but a bit cheaper than their default console pricing. If you haven’t tried these out yet and want to put the OUYA through its paces, these would be a fine way to do so. If you’re curious about the OUYA console, check out our extensive hands-on piece on it — including a variety of game impressions, screenshots, and even videos of some games.