Capcom Reveals Artwork for Dragon’s Dogma Quest

It was announced this week that Capcom has a free-to-play Dragon’s Dogma game in the works for the PlayStation Vita. Entitled Dragon’s Dogma Quest, this freemium installment in the series is a fast-paced 2D RPG complete with 150 job classes to assign to allies and obligatory microtransactions. Quest will be an online-only game, and won’t offer a traditional roleplaying experience. According to Famitsu, the title will see players watching over battles, issuing commands to allied characters so they can take down imminent baddies. Upon completion of these combat scenarios, players will be able to level up their characters and proceed to further trounce more enemies. It would seem, by this description anyway, that players won’t necessarily engage in the fights themselves, but rather employ tactics and strategies to allies to do their bidding.

Nevertheless, hot off the heels of this reveal, Capcom unveiled some of the artwork for the game today, showcasing a style that is a bit different from the console iterations. Among the screenshots are images of some of the game’s returning characters and classes. To check it all out, scope the images below.