The War for Humanity Has Begun in Saints Row IV

As the President of the United States, you have many hurdles to overcome: the economy, taxes, and of course, alien invasions. Saints Row IV is bigger and more badass than ever, and in the latest movie-like trailer, you will witness the absolutely insanity that will ensue within the story. Sucked into a virtual world, it’s your job to break out and save humanity against an overunning alien force. You can’t do it alone though, as the Saints once again unite to save the world.

Not only are all your favorites returning, but there are multiple new characters, as well. Oddly enough, Keith David will be back in the Saints universe, not to reprise his role as Julius, but instead to play himself. You really can’t go anywhere but down at this point. Go where no Saints has ever gone before when Saints Row IV is released on August 20 — and if you’re a glutton for fun, you won’t want to miss this.