Zone of the Enders Patch Incoming, Framerate Issues to be Fixed

Our only beef with Zone of the Enders HD Collection was the shoddy framerate. Despite being two of the best, yet most underrated, titles to grace the PlayStation 2, Konami’s high-def remaster was disappointing when it released last Fall due to its technical hiccups. The game itself, and all it had to offer in the way of gameplay, story and presentation, was wonderful from top to bottom. Because of this, fans let their frustration be known to the title’s developer and publisher, demanding they release a patch to fix, or at least make better, the inconsistent performance issues. While PS3 players were impacted by this problem more than their 360 counterparts, both audiences were generally displeased with how these hitches affected the overall experience.

Fortunately, Konami heard its players’ pleas, and announced today that a patch is in fact on the way, and will address the game’s framerate problems. The update will come down the pipe on July 25. No other details were given about what else, if anything, the patch will correct.