Thief Gets Live Action Trailer to Hype For E3

Totally a contender for longest running series that console gamers somehow don’t know about, Thief is a series that never seemed to get the respect it deserved. The titular thief, Garrett, was using sneaky stealth back when Ezio was just a gleam in his developer’s eye, and the setting of a semi-medieval, quasi-fantasy steampunk world was always one of my favorites. While the series had been mostly confined to PC and console gamers only got the scraps in the form of a subpar third installment, non PC gamers will be able to get their hands on the upcoming Thief reboot/reinvention/re-whatever you want to call a game that is sort of like a remake of the first game of the series but not quite and with extra stuff as it already has a confirmed release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

For a while now, there haven’t been very many specifics about the game and we’ve had to go on the little information presented on the official website. However, as we approach E3 the developers have put out a new teaser trailer and we get a whole new look at…well, not really anything to be honest. This is a live action trailer, so we don’t get any gameplay footage at all. We see Garrett rummaging around and stealing stuff, which you might have guessed would happen since the game is called Thief and not Trustworthy Man to Leave Your Valuables Around. But hey, it looks cool and has a nice voice-over, so that’s something, right?  Plus, this is really just something to hype up its E3 reveal and we will hopefully see a lot more actual footage sometime next week. Check out the trailer below to content you in the meantime.