E3 2013: Rabbids Get Their Own TV Show

As part of their E3 presentation, Ubisoft announced what they framed as an interactive television show starring their lovably annoying mascots, the Rabbids. The program is titled Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive, and looks largely similar to any of the numerous mini-game based titles Ubisoft released with them in the past five years. You will use the Kinect capabilities of the Xbox One to play interactive games when prompted to by the television show.

Ubisoft presented three little mini-games in the demo. First, the Rabbids are shown stealing eggs in a little cartoon, before switching over to an interactive egg fight. A second mini-game had kids racing to point out specific items in a very simple hidden object kind of game. Finally, your kids are encouraged to scream in unison with the Rabbids as they get crapped on by a cow, and no, I am totally serious that is really something that happens in this game/show/however you want to classify this. If there is anything that parents absolutely want, it is a television show that encourages their kids to loudly yell for no reason. Other mini-games will hopefully encourage the kids to break glass items around the house and make friends with strange men hiding in the park.