Steam Weekly Sale Discounts Dishonored, Super Hexagon

While E3 is certainly the main focus of the gaming world this week, it’s important to have some fun between all the press events. That’s where big sales like Steam’s weekly discounts come into play. This week’s offerings are fairly strong, with the beloved Dishonored getting a 33% drop down to $20. Painkiller: Hell and Damnation gets a 75% drop down to $5, and Super Hexagon — a favorite of many HG staffers, can be yours for a tad under one dollar. 99 cents gets you an excellent game that is good in either bite-size bursts or longer sessions.  Kane and Lynch 2, a favorite of many Gamestop stores due to its high turnover rate, is $5 down from $10. Symphony is a gorgeous music-based shooter, and is down to $5 from $10 while Space Empires V brings you sci-fi strategy at under $4 thanks to a 75% price drop this week.