E3 2013: Nintendo Direct: New Donkey Kong Title Unveiled, Titled Tropical Freeze [update]

Next up on Nintendo list of new games is a new Donkey Kong Country title for Wii U. Developed by Retro Studios, the gameplay here evokes DKCR memories, bringing into account side-scrolling action, platforming and banana-collecting madness. The story in this new adventure goes a little something like this: Donkey Kong Island has been overrun by vikings from the northern seas, and it’s up to DK himself to set out to various islands in an effort to restore order to his home.

The game will employ additional camera angles, not only using a fixed, side-scrolling perspective. It will also include a simultaneous 2-player co-op mode, with Diddy as the second playable character. According to Iwata, Diddy will play quite different from Donkey. It’s great to see the Kong in high-defintion, finally. Nintendo announced that Tropical Freeze is due out later this year.

Update: Nintendo has just confirmed that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is due out on Wii U in November — just in time for the holidays, go figure.