E3 2013: Pokémon X & Y New Type and Features Revealed

Nintendo Direct spoiled fans of Pokémon today, revealing a variety of new Pokémon X & Y information and footage. We got a sneak-peak at two brand new Pokémon, a new interactive feature, and perhaps most satisfying is the answer to our most pressing question – Sylveon’s type has been revealed!

Sylveon turned out to be confirmed as the speculated Fairy Type. Fairy is the first new type to be introduced since Gold and Silver’s release in 1999, and makes it the 18th type total. As the Electric Pokémon Magnemite gained it’s new Type when Steel was introduced, Pokémon like Jigglypuff and Gardevoir will be making the switch to Fairy. Dragonite better watch out, because a Fairy Type move like Slyveon’s new Moonblast is super-effective against Dragon Types! It is currently unknown what Fairy’s weaknesses are.

Vivillon and Noivern enter the group of known Karos Region Pokémon. Vivillon is a Bug/Flying type that resembles a butterfly. Noivern is a Flying/Dragon type that resembles a bat with speaker-like ears and uses sound waves to attack. It knows a new move called Boomburst, and it affects multiple Pokémon on the battlefield. These two Pokémon have been well-recieved among fans.

A new interactive feature that affects your Pokémon’s friendliness is brand new to the franchise – Pokémon-Amie. You can actually feed your Pokémon, pet them, and imitate them – using a plethora of features of the 3DS, such as the camera and stylus. And, because of the new 3D models of the monsters, they blink, open their mouths, display emotion and use body language – something we’d never find with the old sprite styles.

As with all Pokémon news, we ask more questions as things become answered. Another satisfying revelation from E3 is enough to hold us over for a while! The official worldwide launch date is set on Saturday, October 12, 2013.