E3 2013: Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Screenshots Inbound

Square Enix is off to a great start at this year’s E3. Already, they’ve announced Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, shown off Lightning Returns and Thief, and have some new information coming down the pipe for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Thus, the famed Japanese studio has to be riding high on the feedback they’ve been getting from viewers and fans. But they aren’t stopping there; to satiate loyalists’ appetites even further, the company is showing off a host of new screenshots for their upcoming Final Fantasy X|X2 HD remaster.

Despite knowing about the game for a while, Square’s FFX|X2 HD title has mostly been shrouded in a kind of secrecy that hasn’t allowed us to gain a good understanding of what we should expect from the high-def iteration. Fortunately, some of that mystery has worn off today, as the studio finally pulled back the curtain to reveal some new screenies of the game; and boy are they beautiful! It’s great to finally see Tidus and the gang in full HD.