OUYA Firmware Update is Live

The E3-timed OUYA firmware update is now available for Kickstarter-backed OUYA owners. It is easily the most dramatic firmware update yet for the system and brings with it a ton of handy features. The system can now be set into sleep mode on the home menu by just pressing the Y button, which is more convenient than having to hold the console’s power button and navigating a menu to turn it off. The biggest changes are evident in the storefront, which was rather clunky to navigate before. Now, it’s got a streamlined appearance with the previously bulky index being shrunk down and everything being sped up dramatically.


Before, it would take forever for thumbnails to load and if you hadn’t browsed the storefront for a while, you were left to just wait around for-freaking-ever for images to show up so you’d have at least a vague idea of what might interest you. Now, everything loads in about a second or two and the store feels far more professional as a result. Another major improvement comes in the form of automatic installs – eliminating the need to download the games, then go into the Play menu to manually install everything. It was an annoying and time-consuming process that is now completely gone and makes the system far more user-friendly as a result. You’re also able to now download three things at a time instead of just one, and an icon lets you know which games in your library have updates that can be auto-installed just by pressing the O button. With the official launch just weeks away, the system definitely needed something like this to make it more user-friendly and this update greatly exceeded expectations for the UI improvements.