E3 2013: ‘Extreme Gamer’ 10-Disc Changer

While it isn’t new by any means, the XG-10 “Extreme Gamer” 10-disc changer takes an old idea (by technology standards, at least) and makes it relatively new. It works like a disc changer you’d find in an older car, but the unit includes a hard drive that can hold 10 of your most-played Playstation, Xbox and Wii games.

This year’s E3 wasn’t the first for the $139 game disc changer — the unit was unveiled at the conference in 2010 — and it won’t be its last, if Exeo Entertainment can market the XG-10 as a companion to the Xbox One, which will require users to copy their game discs to its drive.

Extreme Gamer 10-Disc Changer