E3 2013: Gameplay Footage of The Evil Within

When it was first announced, The Evil Within was already critically acclaimed for its intense horror action. Now we finally get a glimpse of its gameplay. Shinji Mikami, focused on minimizing the amount of on screen clutter to make this a more cinematic experience. There are no health meters or maps to be seen, so what you see while playing is what you get. The only instance of direction comes from small texts that are integrated within the game. Standing in front of an item will let you know if it can be picked up.

In The Evil Within, survival is key. You must balance resources and hide when necessary. This is not a game where you can run around shooting everything. You can’t even see the floor when moving around, so who knows what could be down there. The fear of the unknown will definitely keep you on edge…as well as chainsaws through the chest.