E3 2013: Graphic Design Meets Video Games in Hohokum

One would think transitioning from graphic art to designing video games would be easy. However, it is much more complicated. It isn’t just changing layouts and painting pretty colors. These are completely different areas of art, but the talented team at Honeyslug pulled it off gracefully.

In Hohokum, you control a magic, rainbow colored serpent. Its mission is to fly around different areas and help who’s in need. In some instances you must provide light to dark locations. Ferrying people from one place to another seems to a common task. There are schools of fish that will follow you around in underwater levels. You can also make plants grow or heck, even bounce around hamburgers. The world is filled with uniquely designed inhabitants and innovative level creations that interact with every touch.

Honeyslug wants this to be a game where you can relax and enjoy what it has to offer. Sure, you could complete it but it would be more fun to just wind around aimlessly. Other than graphic art, they’ve integrated a mixture of sounds and music that will reportedly create a distinct experience not found elsewhere. Certainly, this is a game to look forward to purely for its artistic expression. As of now, Hohokum will be available on all Sony consoles later in the year.