E3 2013: Passing the Grade with Final Exam

Any game mixing old 80’s horror movies and arcade style beat’em ups should go to the head of the class. Final Exam is looking like an A+ title. If you were a fan The Simpson’s arcade or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’ll want to give this game a try. You choose from one of four characters who have returned to their hometown only to encounter a monster invasion. You need to rescue others and complete various missions to complete the game.

There are four stereotypical characters: a jock, a nerd, the goody two-shoes and a handsome fellow to whom we can all relate. Each of them has their own skill tree to climb complete with special attacks. With how they’ve been created, they all seem to balance each other out. The nerd has a longer life because of all the bullying he’s been able to withstand, while the girl is a dancer, meaning she’s athletic and speedy. Weapons available to players include chainsaws and rocket launchers, the normal array whenever a catastrophic invasion of creatures occurs.

Fighting monsters takes place throughout the town as well as underground. In other words, your enemies will try and get you no matter where you go. As the game progresses, they will evolve, making for new, meaner monsters. In essence, the name of the game comes down to a single key objectives: use your weapons, various items and unique skills to take down anything coming your way. If you can perform a high number of combo moves, you will earn a better grade (get it, final exams). With that you’ll receive more points which lets you purchase more items.


In one level, you have to return several children to their school bus. That is the main mission, but along the way will be other objectives you must perform in order to save some of those kids. Like one chubby guy will only follow you if you have candy, and a little girl will come with you but you have to find her older brother first.

As of right now Final Exam is a digital download and will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this September for around fifteen dollars. It has hopes of coming to Steam, too, and would certainly be a welcome fit.