Indie Gala June Bundle Released

With E3 coming to a close, the newest Indie Gala is out. The simply-titled June bundle lets you pay what you want for Creatures: The Albian Wars, Pirates of Black Cove, and a mystery Desura game that unlocks in the second week of the bundle. The next tier gets you Chester, Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection, Vessel, Aquanox, and a Steam game that unlocks in the second week for $3.60. The third tier gets you Star Ruler, Edna and Harvey, and A New Beginning: Final Cut along with three mystery Steam games that unlock later for $6. At just $2 or so more than the second tier, you might as well get that if anything in tier 2 interests you. Vessel is easily the most appealing game in this bundle, and is will worth $6 since it looks awesome and normally costs $15.