E3 2013: Crytek Sort of Confirms Crysis 4, Talks Crysis 3 Flaws

Crysis 3 was a good game, but it wasn’t a polished gem of a shooter like its previous entries in the series. A lot of that had to with the fact that once you obtained a compound bow in Crysis 3, you were akin to some unholy cyber ninja of carbon steel arrowed death. Did this do anything to deter me from playing the game and beating it? No, but I did feel like the game’s challenge was significantly diminished, and it made the game feel a little more hollow than it should have.

Wait for the response from Crytek, as he points out that a complaint from the development side was that you weren’t able to do targeted shots to systematically take down foes. This means that if you shot an opponent with the compound bow you would kill them with one hit regardless of where that shot landed on the enemy. Crytek apparently wanted to be able to give players the ability to shoot someone in the leg for example, to be able to bring them to their knees, and allow for a more lethal killshot to the head or another vital part of the body. It’s great to see Crytek being open enough to talk about a significant flaw in an otherwise terrific game, but you know what’s even greater than that?

At the very end he says… “We’re gonna work on it…”

That’s about as close as you’re gonna get as far as a direct confirmation of Crysis 4 is concerned for now, but it’s plenty in my opinion. Besides, despite Cevat Yerli’s proclamation that Crytek was going to become a company that only made Free to Play games, they’re certainly invested in the next console generation in a big way. For example, this was supposed to be a video about Ryse (that’s what’s playing in the background), but when Crytek starts talking Crysis, I start rolling.