E3 2013: Wargaming.net Takes Aim at the World of 360

As we previously mentioned, Wargaming.net is trying to take over the world. After acquiring a few studios, doubling their employees to over 1500 and digging up actual tanks on the ocean floor, the studio made an appearance at the Xbox conference to announce World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. The debut for the series and studio on consoles, 360 Edition looks to take the addictive free-to-play action of the PC version and snag a large part of the coveted competitive console fanbase. With a solid build on display that plays like it’s been on the console for years, this may just become a reality.

Boasting a completely separate economy, 360 Edition doesn’t tie-in to the original game. This means that those who’ve been sinking hours into the PC version won’t have to worry about console gamers having an unfair advantage and players new to the game on consoles won’t have to contend with those with accumulated tanks and boosts. As playing matches in the original version can sometimes be a lengthy affair, the pace has been punched up. It’s not a “kill/die, kill die” experience like many of the console’s most popular shooters, but matches will be quicker and easier (lasting five to seven minutes) to jump into than the PC counterpart. An optional voice over system has been added to help players know how to get to objectives, ensuring that you newbies won’t become lost. They’re also looking to add SmartGlass functionality to the game to add another layer to the experience, but aren’t quite there yet.

Controls feel very natural and it was easy to get acquainted with the combat without having any sort of briefing. Three modes will be available, including Standard, Encounter and Assault. They’ll be less tanks so people can get up the trees and get to the legendary tanks faster, but also because of the limited space on the Xbox 360. The tanks that were predominately removed were in the lower tier , so it shouldn’t make much of an impact. As there’s no options for Vent or Teamspeak on the 360, built-in chat will be included so players can converse amongst themselves.

There’s no plans for an Xbox One version yet, with the current focus on perfecting the 360 Edition, but everybody at the company is talking about it and looking into it as natural step forward. In the meantime, it may be the experience to keep that old 360 chugging along. The game is due out this summer, but those who want to get into the action early can head over to Wargaming.net and sign up for the free beta right now.