E3 2013 Awards

E3 is upon us! Or, past actually, but don’t tell us that; we’re still completely wrapped up in the excitement and getting up all the coverage we didn’t have time to do when we were living it up in a hot convention center with mediocre pizza. Anyways, after checking out pretty much everything worthwhile E3 had to offer (besides BandFuse) and bickering about it nonstop, we’ve finally come to a peaceful agreement of our favorite games at the show.

All of the awards have been separated into four easy-to-access categories below, ready to be clicked through at your leisure. We’re confident that our picks are thoughtful and grounded in reality, so make sure to lock your pre-orders in accordingly. Please check back later as we will also have our editor’s top choices from the convention!

* Genre Awards *

* Specialty Awards *

* Platform Awards *

* Game of Show *