E3 2013 Best 3DS Game

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Best 3DS Game

Zelda a Link Between Worlds
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds received a mixed reception when it was announced. Many Nintendo naysayers talked about how the game failed to innovate, while gamers with an actual sense of what makes a video game good were easily able to see how this sequel, to one of the most coveted games of all time, was worth paying attention to. Then at E3, Nintendo pulled back the curtain on the title even more, showcasing a game comprised of all the parts that made the original so timeless. A Link Between Worlds is a return to form for the sword-swinging elf; I say return to form, not in a way that hinges upon nostalgia to enjoy, but rather one that personifies the qualities of one of the most sound adventure games of our time. Brilliant puzzles, boss battles and environments only off-set the pitch-perfect style and presentation values. A Link Between Worlds shouldn’t just be one of the most anticipated titles for 3DS this fall; no, it should be one of the most anticipated titles of any system this year, period.
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