E3 2013 Best Conference

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Best Press Conference

The Sony conference started out like all the others, albeit with a decidedly more indie-friendly focus. First came the games, starting out with the Vita, moving on to the PS3 with titles like Rain and Puppeteer getting good screen time, and then it was on to what everyone came for, the PS4. Killzone: Shadow Fall looked gorgeous, as did Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, but for once the games aren’t what anyone came for. Sony left the crowd waiting, getting in only a small dig at Microsoft about self-publishing being perfectly fine on the PS4, until they neared the end of the show. When they got to it, however, they opened up an extra-large industrial sized can of whoop-ass on the Xbox One that had a crowd of cynical game journalists cheering. Freed from the worry of intrusive DRM, with a price $100 less than the Xbox One, Sony set up the PS4 as the future of console gaming.
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