E3 2013 Best Platformer

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Best Platformer

Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario 3D World wasn’t exactly the Mario title most loyalists were expecting, or dare I even say hoping for. Before the Nintendo Direct presentation, there were murmurings of the Big N announcing a new entry in the Galaxy sub-series or a new Mario excursion altogether. Thus, when Iwata then unveiled 3D World, there was a bit of a collective sigh of disappointment heard round the world — and then we saw the game in action, and forgot all about that feeling. First off, 3D World is the first four-player co-op 3D Mario, ever. So that’s kind of a big deal. But aside from that, and even though this isn’t from a totally original Mario series, what’s been seen looks like one of the best. Clever puzzles, solid platforming, beautiful graphics, familiar and new suits, a fabulous cast of fan-favorite characters from which to choose and just all-around fun gameplay makes Super Mario 3D World the Nintendo game to beat this coming holiday season.
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