E3 2013 Biggest Surprise

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Best Surprise of E3

Mad Max
Oh, next up is a meeting for a just-announced movie tie-in to a sequel thirty years in the making? Sure, let me just grab my…zzzzzzz. That’s about the reaction we had going into our first demonstration of Mad Max, assuming the project would be another substandard cash in on a popular film. Instead, however, Mad Max is an open world Just Cause style cruise through an intriguing post-apocalyptic world populated with things like barren shipyards in the desert or makeshift camps. In fact, the game is not a movie tie in at all, but instead a new IP that happens to share a setting with the upcoming film. Sure, we’ll miss the presence of Tom Hardy or Mel Gibson, but everything seems to point at a blissfully violent, over-the-top adventure through the wasteland.
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