E3 2013 Best Indie Game

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Best Indie Game

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
The sequel to Hardcore Gamer’s #6 game of 2012 wasn’t, technically, at E3, but the parking lot across the street is close enough. The new game features the same gameplay with the same graphic style, but a new story structure follows multiple characters. The masks from the first game return, but they don’t grant skills this time. Instead, it’s the character wearing the mask who’s got the perks, but now there will be weaknesses to go along with them. The tiger masked guy, for example, has the one-hit punch ability, but unlike the original tiger mask he now can’t use any weapons at all. It means that each character is a different play style, but you can’t get comfortable with a favorite because they aren’t always available. The important thing, however, is that Hotline Miami is back for its concluding chapter, and when it ends it’s over for good.
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