New Super Luigi U Now Available on eShop

Yes folks, A GAME HAS BEEN RELEASED FOR THE WII U! Super Luigi U basically a remix of New SMB U, which remains one of the most fun platformers to just play for either short bursts or long stretches. Luigi U mixes things up by changing some core mechanics around. Like in SMB 2, Luigi jumps higher and further than Mario, and he’ll now slide farther too. This means that you’ll have to completely re-learn the timing of when to jump and slide beneath low platforms. The stages themselves have been reworked, and for multi-player gaming, you can use Nabbit, who takes no damage and is ideal for beginners.

The eShop version is available now for $20, but requires New SMB U to play. In two months, the standalone boxed version comes out at $30, but  doesn’t require you to own SMB U and has some awesome green-heavy cover art that makes me wish all publishers would change up their case and border art designs to better fit the games. Anyone who loved New SMB U will likely pick this up at some point, and eShoppers can get extra Club Nintendo points and the ability to enter for an exclusive Luigi pin, which means that more than a few die-hard fans will be double-dipping and helping to ensure that the year of Luigi is a profitable one for Nintendo.