E3 2013: Dying Light Offers Players A Vast Open World Experience

Dead Island was a game that disappointed many gamers with the juxtaposition between its amazing trailer which wowed audiences everywhere with its touching sentiment and the almost entirely unrepresentative emotion that gamers eventually received when it came release time. After releasing a sequel, it looks like Techland, the developers behind the game, are now trying to redeem themselves with Dying Light, a first person Survival Horror game that seeks to give the player an entirely new experience in an expansive open world with much more emphasis on the world rather than RPG elements which weren’t entirely effective within Dead Island.


Within the game you play a survivor of the apocalypse whose main task is to try and scavenge for supplies and to try to make it home before nightfall, which is pretty much a death sentence considering that the really nasty enemies make their way out into the world at this time. When it comes to gameplay, Techland have decided to largely keep intact the focus on melee from their previous games and the player is once again given the power to chop off heads, limbs and smash their opponents how they please. Adding in to the stylistic nature are certain cinematic elements, such as close up x-ray shots for particularly brutal blows that won’t fail to make the player wince. Techland have also teased at the possible relationships with other characters and factions including a mysterious mask wearing faction who have designs on taking all remaining supplies for themselves.

Just like Dead Island, the game is very pleasing visually and as a cross generational, multi console release it really does look like the player will be in for some visual treats as well as disturbing horror scenes no matter what console they’re playing on. Techland will also be focusing on Survival which is being implemented using a free running system. Players will often find themselves outnumbered and surrounded by enemies and will have to use their skills to evade enemies and try to live another day. With zombies in games often being one of the easier enemies to beat, this will no doubt please gamers wishing to see their walking dead be a bit more of a challenge than they are used to.


Overall, Dying Light seems to be an interesting prospect for gamers and it remains to be seen just what direction they want to take the game to. You can expect a very different experience to Dead Island and it seems that Techland at the very least are willing to make up for the mistakes they made in the past and may make one of the most surprisingly good games of the next generation. So make sure to keep an eye out for the game which is due for release sometime next year.