E3 2013: Get into Gear with the Highest Quality Headsets

Music listeners and gamers alike can bond over the products produced by Astro and Skullcandy. Their headphones, earbuds and headsets have been popular through multiple forms of entertainment. Back in the day, Astro designed the Zune and first Xbox 360, but now they’ve teamed up with Skullcandy to create a new line of gaming related products.

Astro appeals to pro-gamers and music aficionados. They are emerging as the premiere headset company for video games and served as the official headset for MLG for twelve years. They have shifted from the big leagues to sponsor individual players and teams. At this year’s E3, Astro supplied the headsets for many of the booths on the showroom floor including EA, Capcom and Square Enix. Astro also gets involved with community events, college tournaments and donate products to charity to help those in need.

The pay off for merging with Skullcandy came in a boost for its retail department. Since they have products in a range of stores and locations, Astro has been able to add their gear to the mix. Astro has also been able to open their very first shop in the San Francisco Bay area. They will be hosting events to celebrate the launch of their products and those by any partners.

Some of what they have lined up are a combination of Skullcandy and Astro. The outer surface of the gear will be produced by Skullcandy while the interior components are all Astro designs. The A40 line recently added a new MixAmp and features customization for speaker tags.  The Neon series launched featuring vibrant color options, good for being stylish. The A30 line are the portable, travel-friendly sets which also feature customized tags.

In addition to the partners mentioned earlier, Astro has a relationship with Ubisoft. They are producing Assassin’s Creed tags for the Skullcandy line. The Slayer is a wired headset with hidden mic and comes from the Skullcandy line. There are three different colors as well as art from Assassin’s Creed. There will also be EA’s Battlefield 4 headsets featuring artwork from the game. Using images from the games makes each package unique and collectible. Hardcore fans, or casual fans, will definitely want to upgrade their current headsets to some of new products from Astro and Skullcandy. They are already well-known for their high quality gear and who knows, perhaps some next gen items in the works.