Turba and Spirits Highlight Weekly Steam Sale

The first deal takes 75% off of Syberia 2 or a bundle containing both Syberia 1 and 2. In a strange move, Syberia 1 on its own isn’t discounted for whatever reason. Still, you can get both games for $3.75, or if you’ve already got the first, you can get the second for $2.50. If you’ve played a lot of the recently-release Storm, then Spirits may be right up your alley. The stunning physics-puzzle game will only cost you $2.50 thanks to its 75% off discount. Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris can be yours for $1.24, or you can get Ankh 3 for $2.50, or a bundle of both for $3.74.

The adventure game Jack Keane is $2.50, offering up yet another 75% savings. Puzzler fans may be interested in 4 Elements at $3, or if you’re seeking something with a bit more of a musical bite to it, Turba can not only use your music in a match 3 puzzler, but also be yours for under $2. Worms Reloaded gets a 66% discount, taking it to about $6.80, while the SRPG/TD game Defender’s Quest is under $5 thanks to a 67% discount. Spirits and Turba seem like easy recommendations, while those on an SRPG kick would probably get a lot out of Defender’s Quest.