Ketsui Gets a New Trailer in Preparation for its PS3 Release

CAVE have had some troubles as of late; contrarily, they’ve also had some seriously wonderful titles in their long, almost two-decade spanning library of shoot’em ups. One of their best and most talked about, though, is the infamous Ketsui. When it was released on 360 years back, the region-locking disheartened many SHMUP enthusiasts. Thus, when it was announced that CAVE had licensed the game out to 5pb. for a PlayStation 3, region-free release, fans were excited to say the very least. Now that the game is just about a month out from its launch, 5pb. is making sure to pimp the game as much as they can. As such, they’ve revealed a new trailer for the game, showing off what players can expect from the famed bullet-hell shooter on Sony’s coveted box. Take a look below, and then head on over to your favorite import shop to order the title.

Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra will go live on July 25. This version of the game is set to include a console-only X-mode and a port of the original arcade game all on one disc. A limited edition will release alongside the standard iteration, and will entail a Superplay video on Blu-ray for an extra $60.