New Week of Xbox Marketplace Sales Go Live

It’s a new week for Xbox Live savings, and there’s a healthy mix of great stuff on sale (and Fire Pro Wrestling too). That abysmal thing will cost you $5, which is better spent on either Toy Soldiers, Fruit Ninja Kinect, or Perfect Dark. For $7.50, you can get either Bloodforge, LIMBO, SINE MORA, Spelunky, or Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Perfect Dark is an easy recommendation at $5, while Fruit Ninja is reasonably fun if you’ve got kids around since they’ll just flail around wackily – and that’s worth $5 just for the comedy. SINE MORA and LIMBO are both incredible-looking games that are worth their cost as well, while the Toy Soldiers games are some of the best-looking tower defense games you’ll find. Everything on XBLA is worth at least trying out, except for FPW, and if you enjoy their demos, give the full games a shot at a discounted rate.