Yatagarasu Devs Look to Crowdfunding for Sequel

In case you don’t follow news on good games, Yatagarasu is an indie/doujin fighting title that was released on PC in 2012 and headed to 3DS later this year. With gameplay heavily influenced by Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, this fighter developed by three former SNK/KoF staff members was well-received by the fighting game scene thanks to its rock-solid mechanics. Because of its success, the game’s developers are looking to launch a sequel with the help of an indiegogo campaign.

According to Siliconera, the follow-up, entitled Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, will add new features and characters, and if stretch goals are met, receive a full-on arcade release in the Land of the Rising Sun. The good news for those outside of Japan, though, is that Nyu Media will be localizing and publishing the game internationally. With big hopes and plans, Yatagarasu’s team is looking to add a slew of features. Check out all the details below:

  • New graphics and story rewrites
  • Improved gameplay, balancing and online support
  • Two new characters
  • MC voiceover by TOUGEKI announcer Koori Masao
  • Full English localization
  • English commentary by famous overseas tournament commentators
  • A NESiCAxLive arcade version in collaboration with Taito! (presently planned for release in Japan only)
  • Worldwide release of the PC (Windows) version with English and Japanese language options