Sony Releases Fix For Those Consoles They Accidentally Broke Last Week

Apparently desperate to undo all the goodwill they accrued after E3, Sony accidentally released a firmware update last week that less updated your PS3 and more sort of kind of maybe broke it. Oops. Granted, this only affected those that downloaded the update for the brief time it was up, and only a small subset of those that downloaded it were actually rewarded with the unplayable console that could function as a large novelty paperweight feature. Still, nothing ruins the excitement of being able to play used games on a console like a console suddenly becoming unable to play any games at all, and for those that were affected this was definitely a major annoyance.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending and Sony was able to quickly fix their mistake. Firmware version 4.46 was just released, every bit as sexy and complete as version 4.45, only without that whole destroys you console thing. The vast majority of us with still fully operable PS3’s can download the update as normal and get right back into gaming. Those cursing the gaming gods last week have a bit more work ahead of them, but the good news is this is something you can easily fix yourself and you won’t have to send your console out anywhere for repairs. Essentially, you will need to manually download the update to a flash drive, activate your PS3 in safe mode, and manually update the system yourself. A step by step process can be found here for the minority of individuals suffering from this, and Sony’s quick response to this will hopefully help comfort those who had to deal with their sick PS3 these past couple of days.