United States Pokémon Championship Takes Place in July

Held from July 5-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the 2013 Pokémon U.S. National Championships will bring Pokémaniacs out in swarms. Thousands of trainers will attend the event to take part in a free-to-play battle, whether it be trading cards or video games. Anybody is allowed to enter so long as they adhere to proper guidelines. But wait right there: just because you can beat all your friends with your team or deck does not mean you’ll easily defeat the other contestants. These trainers are more serious than a Primeape with the Anger Point ability. They’ve methodically layer their decks to form a number of winning combinations, no matter which cards are in hand. Then there are the ones playing the games who strategically train each Pokémon to capitalize on every stat. You’ve got your hands full.


Other than taking part in the battle, those in attendance with a copy of any Pokémon Black or White game are able to download a special Metagross modeled after the one used by last year’s champion, Ray Rizzo. There are also other events in-which you can earn Pokémon prizes. The trading card tournament takes place at the Indiana Convention Center at 9 A.M. on July 5. The video game tournament will be held the following day– same place, same time. Winners and other top finishers will be rewarded with invitations to the World Championship in Vancouver. Check here for all information including prizes and rules. If you plan on competing, you’re in for more intense battles than the Elite Four.