TxK Progressing Nicely

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about TxK.  Llamasoft have been plugging away since mid-April, however, and have plenty to show for their efforts.  Jeff Minter just published an update on his Yak’s Progress blog loaded with screenshots and information, fully focused on the Vita because Sony is the one enabling TxK’s creation.


What’s been happening so far has been learning the Vita and laying down the framework for the game.  There are a total of two enemies at the moment, useful for shooting at while making sure the engine does everything it’s supposed to, as well as level start, end, and between-level transitions.  The screen-clearing attack is now the Supertapper, because you use it by tapping the screen, and you can prioritize the order of destruction by tapping near a specific threat.  There’s even a fancy new pause feature where you can use the tilt controls on the Vita to look around and see all the hyper-colorful chaos when the action is on hold.


TxK will be a true sequel to Tempest 2000 in all but name, reviving the frantic action broken up by the occasional chilled bonus levels that energized so many Atari Jaguars.  (Also a perfect port to Saturn, a badly broken and re-named PS1 version, and the excellent Tempest 3000 on Nuon.)  The basics are done and now it’s on to proper enemy creation and level design, and all the other bits and pieces that go into turning a good start into a working game.  TxK is still several months off, but it already looks like a lovely neon retina-searing burst of vector styled chaos.

And who knows, maybe if we’re really lucky there might be a PS4 version on the way too.