Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Heavily Discounted, Free to Play For 4 Days on Steam

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed will be free to play from July 4 until July 8, which is enough time to see if you’ll enjoy it. If you do, you can save a ton of money on it. The game on its own is $7.50, although why you’d buy that when the Sonic Hits Collection includes that, the original, 3D Blast, Mean Bean Machine, Spinball, Sonics 1-3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic Generations, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and both episodes of Sonic 4 for the same price. That is an unbelievable amount of gaming goodness for $7.50 and an easy recommendation to pick up at that rock-bottom price.

Edit – Unfortunately, the Sonic Hits Collection price plummet went away late in the day on July 4, but the game itself is still $7.50, while the Hits Collection is $30 – a fair value, but far less of an amazing deal than $7.50.