Rockstar Releases Two GTAV Wallpapers

Anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with the hype of GTAV should probably start keeping their eyes peeled, because the developers at Rockstar aren’t holding back any knockout punches, with the two new hard hooks consisting of exquisitely beautiful concept art of the game.

Shown as a 4th of July gift for GTA fans, Rockstar’s Newswire presented the two art pieces showcasing tag partners for the respective main characters—Franklin and Micheal.

In the first still, we encounter Lamar, Franklin’s right hand man and the number one car-jacking badass doing what he does best. From what we know from Franklin and Lamar, both are notorious for selling crack and touting off their gang banging ways within the streets of Los Santos. From the trailers we’ve been shown so far, the two start to have different ideas about the philosophies of being a bonafide thug.


The latter pictures showcase Tracy and Jimmy, the daughter and son of Micheal. These three are steadily trying to make their relationships work within the family. Even with Micheal’s wife with Amanda in the picture, these family ties may end up being severed in the game. We’re left only clues of the trailer and our wild speculation. For now, we’re graced by an artistic depiction of a situation that many gamers may be familiar with—and I can say now that Jimmy is my favorite.


With some gameplay and information about the online mode yet to be revealed, Sept. 17 can’t come any sooner. Knowing that players can switch between main characters and the actual size of Los Santos expanding bigger than Rockstar’s previous sandbox titles, the wait is already painful as it is. Thankfully, these awesome looking wallpapers can hold us over until we get tired of looking at them. Grab bigger, hi-res versions of them here!

Gorgeous aren’t they? The only downside of this is that Rockstar didn’t release any more.