Steam Version of Final Fantasy VII Angers Fans

By now, Chocobo’s and Moogles—ahem, metaphor—have gotten their whiff of the Steam release of Final Fantasy VII. This version of the game came complete with achievements, cloud saves and a feature that allowed your characters a high-level HP without having to grind for it. Up until now, white and yellow creatures around the world had to stick to the PC re-release version given by Square-Enix on the same day a year ago.

Some of those creatures weren’t very happy about the Steam release, citing that after having bought the re-released PC version on the same day last year, they should not have to pay for a registry key in order to play the game on Steam. Rather, they’d expected to simply be given free keys.

The blog post has been literally ripped through by livid fans around the world. Some who have even bought the Steam release are citing problems with their old games saves from the PC re-release version that were advertised to be transferable to the Steam version.

As of right now, we’re only left with a short answer from Square-Enix staff member Phil Elliot.

“[U]nfortunately, it’s not possible to give out keys to those who have already bought another version of the game. I understand that’s not ideal for folks wanting to use Steam to launch the Square-Enix store version, so sorry about that. Also for those concerned about not being able to re-download -the game; if you bought it on the Square Enix Store previously—you should actually be able to download it whenever you need to. There was an issue with purchases from the North merican store, bit that’s something that’s being/has been fixed.”

Square-Enix has since offered no further comments on the controversy surrounding Steam and there is no further word of any fixes being made. As of right now, the comments below Elliot’s blog post about the release of the game are still on its train tracks. There’s even a few that are starting the petitions.

With all this going on, one can’t help but ask — is a free Steam copy really necessary or are fans asking for more than they ought to receive?