Samurai Shodown Celebrates its 20th Anniversary Today

Here’s one to make you feel old: Samurai Shodown was first released to arcades twenty years ago today. One of the earliest Neo Geo fighting games, the series quickly grew to be synonymous with the platform in ways that only King of Fighters or Metal Slug have. Known as Samurai Spirits in Japan, the game went on to spawn on a franchise that included six main series releases and multiple spin-offs and compilations. While the gameplay may seem dated now, at the time it was notable for its authentic 18th century weapons and fast paced combat.

Ported on to over a dozen systems, there’s a good chance you’ve played the game even if you don’t remember it, so let’s all wish Samurai Showdown a happy 20th birthday (next year it can drink!) and hope for another twenty years of outstanding service.

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