Sonic 4 and Ittle Dew Hit OUYA Store

The OUYA store hasn’t had many new releases since it’s official launch a couple of weeks ago, but three interesting games hit it today. The biggest releases are certainly both episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog 4, which each cost $7 on the platform. Both games run well, but come off as overpriced given that the mobile versions were just offered for one dollar and the PSN/XBLA versions have either been free or heavily discounted before, it’s unlikely that many people will purchase them on this platform unless they’re Sonic collectors.  They’re also hard to recommend versus the Steam or console versions since they retain the weird loop-de-loop spinning from the mobile version that is rather distracting.

The third major release is Ittle Dew. It’s a top-down Legend of Zelda-style game with really sharp graphics. Given the OUYA’s iffy D-pad, the analog stick support is much-appreciated and works very well. Instead of a sword, you’re given a stick to thrwack things with and while that may seem mundane, it winds up making sense when you hit the first dungeon. There, you’ll find fire along with things that involve its use, like bombs and ice blocks. The full game costs $14, and the free demo dungeon gives you a good enough idea of the core mechanics to decide whether it’s worth a purchase or not.