New Load of Pokémon Revealed (Now With Video)

What up, Pokémaniacs? You knew they were coming but had no idea when or how many. Well, in this Regigigas-sized reveal (because he’s colossal), we set our eyes on five new Pokémon, two gym leaders and more.

Our first newcomer is Pangoro, the Daunting Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pancham. Pangoro is a Fighting/Dark-type, similar to Scrafty, but supposedly evolves in a new, unnamed method. Expect this big guy to pack a punch. Next are Inkay and its evolved form Malamar. Both are Dark/Psychic and come with a new attack called Topsy-Turvy which switches around any stat increase or decrease made by the opponent. They are squid-like so expect it to have similar attacks as Tentacool.



The last two Pokémon shown are both Fairy-type. Spritzee is the Perfumed Pokémon and is modeled after Plague Doctors from the Black Death. Doctors would wear long beaky masks with perfumes and flowers in the end so they would block any chance of contracting the plague. It has the Healer ability and uses Aromatherapy, so obviously it will act as a mobile Pokémon Center. Swirlix is the other Fairy. It’s basically a fluffy cotton candy dog; sounds weird but it’s so cute. Its new ability, Sweet Veil, prevents your allies from falling asleep. To truly train this pooch will require more strategy than you’d think.


On top of the cool new Pokémon are a couple of gym leaders. Clemont has a knack for gadgets which could either mean he’s a Steel or Electric leader. Grant is an athletic guy who really enjoys rock climbing, perhaps making them a Rock-type leader. We still don’t know which Pokémon they’ll have. Also revealed were the game’s main antagonists, Team Flare, who look super hot in all orange. This generation’s professor was also shown. Professor Augustine Sycamore is their name, but it’s hard to tell if it’s a boy or a girl. Wait, there is a bit of facial hair so we are assuming male.

The last bit of info revolves around some of the new Pokémon we’ve already met. It’s been learned that Clauncher and Swirlix are exclusive to Pokémon X version while Skrelp and Spritzee will only be found in Y. And while we all know Honedge may not be the prettiest Pokémon to look at, there is now evidence showing it unsheathing itself during battle, which is pretty hardcore if you ask me. Honedge has received cool points now because it wields itself! And we’ve finally found out what types the legendary Xerneas and Yveltal are. The first ever Fairy-type legend is Xerneas, who has the ability Fairy Aura. This raises the power of every single Fairy attack whether belonging to you and your opponent. Yveltal is a Dark/Flying Pokémon and has Dark Aura which raises the power of all Dark-type moves.

That’s all for this little round-up. It was a sweet (get it, cotton candy) surprise for many of us Pokémon fans. Come back next time there’s an announcement and we’ll give you the best coverage possible. Hey, check out the new gameplay footage below and you’ll see some of the information in action!