Konami Fall Victim To Cyber-Attack as “Thirty Five Thousand Accounts Compromised”

When it comes down to personal security, this generation has been pretty abysmal for gamers everywhere as highlighted a few years back when the PS3 had many of its accounts hacked as well as Nintendo on July 5. Just when you thought it was safe to get back online, however, it turns out that Konami, publishers of Pro Evolution Soccer and the Metal Gear Solid series, have been hit by a cyber-attack and thirty five thousand player’s accounts have been hacked. Luckily no customers have had unauthorized payments made according to Konami, but this will prove to be little use to gamers. With online being pushed as the future of gaming, it seems that there is a time bomb ready to explode and the potential for details being used maliciously seems a very likely possibility. Gamers must be ready to stand up for their rights and more importantly, be made aware of how to protect their information.