Steam Summer Sale Hits Fifth Day

The Summer sale‘s fifth day features its most diverse lineup so far. The first game listed is Reus, an interesting-looking title where you play as a giant and can shape the in-game worlds to your liking. It seems like a perfect example of a game that you try out due to the summer sale, and appears to be worth its $5 asking price. Max Payne 3 and Terraria have gotten 75% off discounts, taking the former down to $10 and the latter down to $2.50. Dishonored is $10, and Dust: An Elysian Tail is $7.50. Wargame is $20, down from $40 while Dawn of War II: Retribution is $7.50. Killing Floor is $4, while Castle Crashers is a bit less than that at $3.74 and Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion is $10 down from $40.