Trine Franchise 80% Off in Steam Flash Sale

The Trine franchise has been beloved since its debut a few years ago and is now available for a massive 80% discount on Steam. As part of one of the flash sales, and one that will likely be repeated on the last day, you can get either Trine game on their own for $4. The version of Trine 2 included is the complete story – giving you everything the Wii U version has. You can also buy both Trine games for $5, which includes the complete story of 2. For a mere dollar, you can get Trine 2’s OST, artbook, and commentary as well. This is a must-play franchise and at 80% off, there’s no better time to experience them if you haven’t already. It’s a gorgeous-looking action-platformer/puzzle hybrid that delivers some stunning sights and enjoyable gameplay. This sale runs until about 1 PM EST, so pick it up when you get ready for work or maybe even on a lunch break.